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Shannon O'Dowd is a leading media coach in Southern California. See her tips for landing your dream hosting gig!

Before you even ask yourself how to become a talk show host, get your head shot in order! See Shannon's most recent TV hosting tips here!

Have dreams of being a TV host? Well then, you're in luck! See Shannon's tips for making the perfect TV reel here!

There are many out there who will write a script before they say anything to the camera. I don’t recommend this. There is some research that suggests that going down this path makes presenting more difficult. When you must memorize a script, you are thinking about more. You can tend to come across as flat, not present.

When you are thinking ‘on the fly’ it he...

This is going to be dependent on the package that you purchase from us. I will, however, use this space to cover absolutely everything that I offer here. If there is something in particular that you are interested in, feel free to contact us.

On-Camera Technique

This is the ‘bread and butter’ package that I offer here. If you are going to get a media training...

Media sources need to do their job and being an excellent resource as a go-to expert for journalists will benefit by giving greater visibility and credibility, as well as providing a platform for their ideas. When you are quoted as an authority on an idea, trend, product or service, your knowledge & brand gets exposure. This speaks more powerfully about your...

For greater media coverage, it is ideal to be seen and heard in the media as much as possible. Journalists are constantly looking for interesting and attractive stories that can be developed for their viewers and listeners. When you are available to comments in the media, you position yourself and your brand in a powerful way for people to take note of what...

So you’re ready to get started and you want to make appearances on local news stations and talk shows speaking on stories of the day with your expertise. I recommend following the news that is currently happening and finding new interesting spins on the event that you can offer. You can pitch these on your own, but make sure you follow protocol. Like go to E...

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Working “Off Script” May Be Better!

March 5, 2018

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