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TV Spokesperson Training

Shannon O’Dowd has been working on both sides of the camera for over a decade. That's why she is qualified to teach you on-camera host, live presenting, and commercial actress roles. 

What is spokesperson training?

Shannon has been on both sides of the camera for over a decade, which is why she is qualified to train individuals on how to effectively communicate with the media. The goal of the spokesperson training is to help the individual develop the necessary skills and confidence to deliver a clear and concise message to their audience. 

What does the spokesperson training include?

The spokesperson training includes a range of different topics to help the individual with the following: build a message, media relations, interview techniques, public speaking and body language, build credibility in today’s media, practice mock interview questions, getting comfortable in a TV interview setting and more. 

Shannon O’Dowd is an on-camera host, live presenter, and commercial actress. She has been working on both sides of the camera for over a decade. 

Show Host-Direct Response/ Infomercials

Shannon is a well versed show host for direct response spots (infomercials)! Some spots of note are “Instant Figure” for Grand Slam Direct, “Nano Gym” & “Slim N Lift Caresse” for Thane Direct, “Sneeze Sleeve”, “Think and Lose”, “Bankruptcy Legal Network”, and many more! To see a list of Shannon’s best hosting work, click here.


Commercial Actress

Shannon has been a working actress for over a decade and has most notably been seen as the “Hero Woman” in commercial campaigns ranging from OfficeMax, Sunsweet Raisins, Wii, Nutrisystem, Dodge, Little Caesar, John Deere and many more! She was also the spokesperson for Cable One for over 6 years doing all their commercials, radio spots, and billboard campaigns. You can see some of Shannon’s commercial work right here


Live Presenter

Shannon O’Dowd is a seasoned live presenter with years of experience as a Guest Expert on QVC. She is also a long time trade-show & convention narrator, presenter, emcee and host. She has presented at many tradeshows including CES, NADA, PMA, NFPA, Expo West, CEDIA, & CHA to name a few. Shannon is ear-prompter proficient and brings a polish and professional edge to the tradeshow experience. She's not only does excellent presentations- she is also fun, interactive, and great at gathering a crowd.


My Mommy Matters

Shannon O’Dowd brings you all the helpful tips and funny quips from her life as a mommy. She comes to you from LA LA land… where things can be crunchy, crazy, as well as insightful since mommies here are always searching for the best way to do it all! Check out My Mommy Matters Blog!

Shannon's work

Shannon O’Dowd is truly one of the most dedicated and professional on camera hosts I’ve had the pleasure of directing in my 30+ years in television advertising. She brings a freshness and ease to each and every project she works on. She establishes an immediate connection with her audience in such a way as to inform as a product advocate with an unparalleled degree of honesty and believability; all this in front of the lens while being a true team member for all of us behind the lens.

Robert Celecia, Executive Creative Director, RCAFILMS, INC.

I have represented Shannon for many years as a host and spokesperson. Directors and producers always compliment her talent, energy, enthusiasm and wonderful attitude. She is a consummate professional. As her agent, I can honestly say she is an absolute joy both on and off camera!

Blair Taylor, Agent,
Commercial Talent Agency

I’ve worked with Shannon for over 5 years and never ever had a bad experience. She ALWAYS maintains a positive attitude. She is ALWAYS on time and ALWAYS prepared for the day. Whenever there has been a change up on a script copy or even wardrobe/hair she has handled it with ease, confidence and professionalism. I can say Shannon is the most un-diva like talent I’ve ever worked with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her or hire her for another project.

Carolyn Peterson, Executive Producer, Cable One

I have had the pleasure to work WITH Shannon... and when I say with it’s because she comes prepared and ready to go. She is a joy on the set and a total pro. As a host, she has the unique ability to connect with the viewer on a one-on-one level. She will take you in and make any message enjoyable. If your looking for a host who will deliver the most, She is your girl.

Brent Loefke,

Director, Keurig

Having worked with Shannon for the last 7+ years, I can honestly say she is one of the hardest working, diligent and talented Spokeswoman/Hosts that I've had the privilege to represent. Her dedication to her craft has resulted in many great commercial bookings including a successful 6 year run as the Spokeswoman for Cable One. Her personality & poise sets her above the competition. I look forward to sharing many future accomplishments together.

Hugh Leon, Talent Agent/Partner, Coast To Coast Talent Agency

Shannon O'Dowd possesses that rare and wonderful combination of true talent mixed with warmth and business savvy. She is always developing her skills to a higher level and does what many great people do...shares her knowledge with others. It is truly a privilege to represent Shannon.

Carol Shamon, Owner, Shamon Freitas Talent Agency

Directing Shannon is a pure delight! Professional, personable , and very instrumental in the success of our DRTV shows.

Linda Brooks, Chief Creative Officer, MonteBrooks Productions

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