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Feeling Unnoticed On Camera?

Introducing On-Camera Workshop

Discover how to captivate your audience with our proven on-camera techniques

Unlock Exclusive On-Camera Mastery Techniques in Our Workshop - Transform Your Media Presence Today!

Enroll and Transform Your Media Message!

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Attention Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Creatives! 
Are you looking to elevate your brand, enhance your media presence, or become a confident on-camera personality? Whether you’re an aspiring TV host, a business owner seeking publicity, or a professional aiming to amplify your expertise through media - but find the camera daunting - this workshop is crafted for you.  

Enroll and Transform Your Media Message!

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So, Why Choose Our On-Camera Workshop?

In today's world, mastering the art of social media is not just a choice, but a necessity. We understand that facing the camera can be daunting, but rest assured, it’s perfectly normal to feel that way. 

Clear path to success - Whether it's learning through practical experience, receiving personalized coaching, or adopting a tried-and-tested on-camera strategy, we provide you with the tools and techniques to confidently shine in front of the camera.

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Discover the Power of the On-Camera Workshop

Have you been grappling with the complexities of social media, or even found yourself trying to overlook its pivotal role? Our workshop unveils the transformative approach you need, turning your on-camera presence into a dynamic asset for your digital strategy.

Without the Workshop

No Camera Technique

Zero Branding

No online brand building

Bad Media Strategy

With On-Camera Workshop

Tips for Camera Techniques

Strategies for your Brand

How to Build Your Brand

How to Win Media 

Are You Ready to Become Notice On Camera?

Enroll in Our On-Camera Workshop Today!

Enroll and Transform Your Media Message!

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On-Camera Workshop for Professionals

Through extensive consultations with professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners, I’ve uncovered recurring challenges and effective solutions. This led me to devise a systemic approach, tested for efficacy. Inspired by these findings, I developed the “On-Camera Workshop” course. 

This program distills a decade of research, industry insights, and practical exercises into a straightforward, actionable on-camera workshop framework designed for entrepreneurial success. 


The best part? It’s proven to deliver results.

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Experience All-Inclusive Learning With Our Valued-Packed Course

Feeling Unnoticed On Camera?

The On-Camera Workshop Offers a Simple How-To Approach to Develop and Perfect Your On-Camera Skills

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Discover the Power of the On-Camera Workshop


Key Advantages for you:

Instant Access to Training Material
Convenient and Flexible Online Learning Format
A Wealth of Engaging and Educational Content


Enroll and Transform Your Media Message!

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Finally Get Comfortable to Shine On Camera!

Enroll and Transform Your Media Message!

Trusted By Top Brands

Entrepreneurs Love Our Social Media On-Camera Techniques & Strategies

Kaeleya Rayne

Business Coach & Founder Soul Conscious Business Women

“I knew that my message needed to be crystal clear and easy to speak and share on camera. Shannon delivered big time! I shared my work, and my deeper vision and mission with her, she got it immediately… and she seemed to understand my style without any direction from me whatsoever! Her work is a true expression of her genius in action! I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about taking their work out into the public eye with grace and professionalism, she is THE BEST.”

Karamo Brown

"Queer Eye" & Talk Show Host

“Shannon was my first Hosting coach ever and I am soooo glad she was. She is an amazing and caring teacher. She really took the time to focus on my weaknesses and didn't stop working with me till I felt that I was a strongrer host. 

Since her class I have been booking commercial and hosting work. I thank Shannon for the tools she gave me to be a working host.” 


Kyle Kittleson

Animal Behaviorist & TV Host

“Shannon O’Dowd is a great coach because she is also a working television host. If you want to learn from the best, Shannon is the person to go to. She not only is great for helping you improve on-camera, but also offers excellent career advice and tips to help you book jobs and appearances. Your career is an investment and Shannon provides a wonderful return.” 

Testimonials shown are real customers learning from Shannon O'Dowd's On-Camera Coaching programs. The results will vary based upon efforts, education, business model, and other fundamental variables. Our BAM Course is an online course designed to enhance on-camera and branding skills to help promote products and services through social media.

Enroll and Transform Your Media Message!

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