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Struggling To Shine On-Camera?

Meet BAM.

(Badass Marketing)

Your Brand Positioning Mastery Course

Master Social Media & Shine On-Camera With These Exclusive Strategies Revealed Entrepreneurs! 

Limited Time: One Time Purchase of $19.99

For Ambitious Entrepreneurs          Stop Feeling Overwhelmed          Start Shining On-Camera

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Attention Entrepreneurs & Business Owners! If you're ambitious, creative and ready to elevate your brand... But, feeling overwhelmed and struggling to shine on-camera? This is exclusively for you!

Join Thousands of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs Who Were Once In Your Shoes

Using our hands-on techniques, I will guide you through mastering social media and shining on camera. Not only will you elevate your brand positioning, but you will stand out from competitors who aren't yet mastering the on-camera skills.

Finally, you will stop feeling overwhelmed when speaking directly to the camera, experiencing a true transformational boost of confidence for you and your business. I'm going to personally equip you with strategies I use when working with big brands. In just a few weeks, you will experience a remarkable change in your brand's positioning and your on-camera progress.

You might be thinking, "Is this too complex" or "I don't think I will have the time?"

I designed this brand positioning course with these concerns in mind. If you're ready to give it your all, you should be able to familiarize yourself with the content and apply the exercises in three days or less. Trust me! With this proven method, your on-camera skills should boost some online engagement.

Limited Time: One Time Purchase of $19.99

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So, Why BAM?

Let's be real - navigating the social media world is no longer an option. I get it; stepping in front of the camera is intimidating for anyone... And that's OK!

Pick your roadmap - Shining on-camera is a skill that you can learn either by trial and error, by hiring an on camera coach, or by simply following a brand positioning framework proven to work.

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The BAM Framework is The Secret To
Your Social Media Strategy

Spent months feeling overwhelmed by social media, perhaps even trying to ignore its existence?

Without a Framework

No Branding Structure

No On-Camera Skills

Feeling Overwhelmed

Making Rookie Mistakes

With BAM Framework

Follow a Branding Framework

On-Camera Skills

Shining On-Camera

Mentally Prepared

Do You Like Having Control Over Your Social Media Success?

Then Sign Up For BAM - Your Brand Positioning Course

Limited Time: One Time Purchase of $19.99

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Brand Positioning Framework for Entrepreneurs

After so many consultation with entrepreneurs, business owners, and well-known corporations, I begin to recognize a pattern of problems and solutions. It reached a point where I started testing the problems in correlation with solutions, which led to this framework.

That's when I decided to create "Badass Marketing" course. I compiled a decade's worth of research, insights, and hands-on exercises into an easy to implement brand positioning framework.

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BAM will...

Help Develop Your Brand Message

Building a brand message is often seen as something only for big corporations or established small businesses. However, that is no longer the case. Now, more than ever, all entrepreneurs have equal opportunities with social media to leverage their brand positioning.

Developing your brand message you will...

Connect at an emotional level with your audience

Raise your brand status 

Increase revenue and sales

Develop Your Brand Message.png

Limited Time: One Time Purchase of $19.99

All of These in One Affordable Course

There is More Than Just a Framework...

BAM Framework Gives You Everything You Need To Develop and Master On-Camera Techniques

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Limited Time: One Time Purchase of $19.99

BAM will...

Help You Shine On Camera

If you are struggling to shine on camera due to your introverted personality, we're about to make history... You don't need to be an extrovert to excel in front of a camera; you just haven't learned the right techniques and exercises.

Shining On-Camera, you will...

Transform your online presence 

No longer feel stuck with your business

Stand out from competitors

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BAM will...

Help Avoid Common Pitfalls

Listen, learning from trial and error is a pivotal teacher when it comes to improving social media on-camera skills. These experiences will allow you to grasp what works and what doesn't. However, continuing to make mistakes without sticking to a framework is setting yourself up for failure...

Avoiding these common pitfalls, you will:

Gain more audience engagement

Give yourself the image you deserve

Focus on your brand's growth


Limited Time: One Time Purchase of $19.99

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Unlock the Secrets with BAM: On-Camera Coaching 


Exclusive Benefits:

Immediate Access to All Trainings 
100% Online & Flexible Learning
Several Insightful Training Videos

Originally Valued at $147, now available for limited time at a special price of...


Special Bonus:

Get a 15-min live coaching session directly with me, valued at $75! 

Limited Time: One Time Purchase of $19.99

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Get BAM Today To Finally Get Comfortable & Shine On-Camera!

Limited Time: One Time Purchase of $19.99

Trusted By Top Brands

Entrepreneurs Love Our Social Media On-Camera Techniques & Strategies

Kaeleya Rayne

Business Coach & Founder Soul Conscious Business Women

“I knew that my message needed to be crystal clear and easy to speak and share on camera. Shannon delivered big time! I shared my work, and my deeper vision and mission with her, she got it immediately… and she seemed to understand my style without any direction from me whatsoever! Her work is a true expression of her genius in action! I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about taking their work out into the public eye with grace and professionalism, she is THE BEST.”

Karamo Brown

"Queer Eye" & Talk Show Host

“Shannon was my first Hosting coach ever and I am soooo glad she was. She is an amazing and caring teacher. She really took the time to focus on my weaknesses and didn't stop working with me till I felt that I was a strongrer host. 

Since her class I have been booking commercial and hosting work. I thank Shannon for the tools she gave me to be a working host.” 


Kyle Kittleson

Animal Behaviorist & TV Host

“Shannon O’Dowd is a great coach because she is also a working television host. If you want to learn from the best, Shannon is the person to go to. She not only is great for helping you improve on-camera, but also offers excellent career advice and tips to help you book jobs and appearances. Your career is an investment and Shannon provides a wonderful return.” 

Testimonials shown are real customers learning from Shannon O'Dowd's On-Camera Coaching programs. The results will vary based upon efforts, education, business model, and other fundamental variables. Our BAM Course is an online course designed to enhance on-camera and branding skills to help promote products and services through social media.

Limited Time: One Time Purchase of $19.99

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