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ON-CAMERA COACHing & training

We Will Help You Align Your Authentic On-Camera Persona!

What is on-camera coaching?

On-camera coaching will guide you to improve your on-camera persona skills. The main goal is to improve your on-camera presence, performance, and communication skills. We have a plenty of different clients ranging from actors, executives, business owners, and influencers who frequent on-camera appearances.  

What does our on-camera coaching include?

Enhance your on-camera confidence

Build effective body language and face expressions

Improve your tone of voice

Build your storytelling and script interpretation skills

Improve your interview techniques to handling difficult questions


“Shannon has an innate ability to bring out the most dynamic and authentic version of you. Drawing from her vast experience, she is masterful in her use of techniques. Her coaching is super fun & incredibly powerful.”


– Nick Demos, TONY Award-winning Producer, Writer & Creativity Expert


Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions?


  • "How do I get more exposure on TV or video?"

  • "How can I begin the process of learning how to be great on-camera?"

  • "How do I learn how to do great on-camera video content on online platforms?"

  • "How do I learn how to control my nerves when speaking on-camera or in front of people?"

  • "How do I learn the right technique to by dynamic when on-camera for TV or while doing video content?"

  • "Is there a formula or set of rules to follow, or coach who can help that make you great on-camera for TV and video ?"


If you have found yourself asking any of these questions, you are in the right place. Shannon has spent over a decade as a coach preparing hosts, experts, and influencers for both on-camera television appearances and creating dynamic and compelling video content for single appearances as well as careers in front of the camera. Her coaching clients have on the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, the Doctors, HGTV, Hallmark, WE, DIY, QVC, HSN, and on talk shows, news appearances, talk shows, and online video content more!


Her training focuses on on-camera technique, brand messaging, talking points, and sound bites for TV Appearances, Media Opportunities, Press Junkets, Talk Shows, Social Media, etc.  As a TV Hosting Coach, she preps her clients to work on-camera in Infomercials (DR), Entertainment Reporting, Shopping Channels, Reality TV, Talk Shows, Media Interviews etc. She also trains on how to use both Teleprompter & Ear-Prompter for appearances on camera.


Shannon specializes in getting the best performance possible out of her clients with spot-on adjustments for TV and media,  information that “sticks” and aids in many areas, even beyond just on-camera work. Shannon is precise, insightful, fun, and great at getting the best performance possible from her clients. With Shannon as your coach, you’ll shine on camera.

If you’re looking for a coach that understands how to maximize your exposure on camera, be it for news, media, television, or video, Shannon is the expert to work with.

To learn more about the packages Shannon offers, click here. 

what are customers saying!

“Shannon was my first hosting coach ever and I'm sooo glad she was! She is an amazing and caring coach. She really took the time to focus on my weaknesses and didn't stop working with me until I felt like I was a stronger hostI thank Shannon for the tools she gave me to be a working host. ” 


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