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Hosting Resume Format

I've been thinking about ways that I could be valuable and a resource to you, while a lot of you are at home, trying to find ways to fill the time and even do a little bit of self-improvement. I recently posted a question on my Facebook board and one of the requests I got was "how do you do a hosting resume?". 

So, I actually printed out a page in my book. As you can see, it looks very different from a typical work resume. You do have your name and your contact information at the top, which is standard, but then you have categories of performance. So, you'll have a hosting, spokesperson category, potentially. Then, you could have a producing category, which comes in handy because a lot of times on some of these platforms, you need to be able to produce your content. Which makes you a valuable asset to the outlets.

If you have any professional training, put in there, as well as the person that trained you and the city where that training took place. You have special skills down at the bottom. So, if a car, if you can speak a foreign language, if you are teleprompter proficient, that would go down there.

At the very bottom, we have your social stats, because unfortunately or fortunately, that's a thing that's important. 

To recap, it's a little bit different than the typical work resume. You have the role, (spokesperson, host) and the company you worked for. Then at the bottom, you have this training section and social stats. I hope this helps!  

For more on the main areas of what should be in a hosting reel, check out the all-new book, "The Ultimate On-Camera Guidebook" by Jacquie Jordan and Shannon O'Dowd.

Shannon O’Dowd is an on-camera host, commercial spokesperson, & media training/on-camera instructor. Shannon has been working on both sides of the camera for well over a decade. I eat, sleep, and breath on-camera training and coaching. I literally wrote the book on how to prepare and embellish your on-camera performance. Finding talent managers and eventually, agents means focusing on building out your resume, headshots, and sizzle reel. Having on-camera training can get you ready for the audition. I go above and beyond for my clients and teach up and coming professionals and established talent all over the Los Angeles area. Reach out! I want to continue to build a thriving community of entertainers.

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