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How To Work With Networks & Host Your Own Show Part 1: Headshots

Getting Started

If you're reading this article, it's because you have interest in how to get your own show with a reputable network. I've outlined some steps you can take based on my experience.

This article was written to help beginner, and intermediate hosts, personalities, experts, influencers, & entertainers find their path in this ever changing industry.


Before you think about how to become a show host, you need to have a few aspects of your portfolio and materials squared away. By following this article, you very well could increase your chances to be considered as a host with a major network. First things first, a headshot is a must-have.

Why you need a headshot

A headshot is a photograph of a subjects head. Easy enough, right? It's also a hugely important part of your materials. According to Wikipedia "head shots are usually more artistic: they intend to portray the subject in the best possible light. Headshots often feature the actor or actress facing the camera with different poses and expressions to give a potential employer an idea of the subject's range of appearances"

They can be categorized like this:

  • Entertainment industry

  • Modeling industry

  • Corporate and business headshots

  • Branding headshots

If you want to check out some info on the various type of headshots, you can look here:

Who should take your headshot?

I highly recommend hiring a professional photographer that specializes in headshots. Here are some photographers I recommend for hosting headshots.

Headshot Photographers

Jonny Marlowe

Headshot positioning

Have your headshot shot from the chest up (A good rule of thumb is the end result will be armpit and up to the top of the head). Make sure you have good lighting and avoid extreme close-ups or 3/4 shots unless you are demonstrating a skill (fitness shote etc.).

Show Hosting Headshots vs. Commercial Headshots

Now, hosting is a little bit different than just a static smile commercial headshot. I think the difference between a hosting headshot and other types of headshots, is being a little bit more alive, or in the middle of a moment. Either you just heard something, or you're about to say something.

So, it's like right in the middle between that, "I heard you!" and "I'm going to tell you." I think that's what really makes the difference and is what I hear from hosting agents and managers, about what really makes a good hosting's really that middle of the moment space.

It also needs to show that you have the energy and charisma to hold an entire show. This is super important. Acting shy and subdued in hosting headshots is not going to work. It needs to read that your energy is strong enough that you can hold the weight of an entire show on your shoulders and viewers would be dying for more.

So, there's an excellent hosting headshot for you, take it and go get some great pictures. See my quick video below for how to give off the best "in the moment" impression, which is critical to being a successful TV Host!

When should you update your headshot?

You should update your headshot every 2 years

Be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions or contact me through my website Here!

My name is Shannon O’Dowd I'm an on-camera host, commercial spokesperson, corporate performance coach & media training/on-camera instructor. I have been working on both sides of the camera for well over a decade.


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