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Biggest Rewards Of Coaching

I think the greatest reward I get from coaching is seeing people hit huge milestones, get huge bookings, or get their own show. I just had a client who is a lawyer and she has been wanting to get out on a national platform to talk about legal issues, technology, and social media.

She is beautiful and she has a great presence. She has been trying to pitch herself in New York and LA at various new stations, and CNN. She finally, this morning got a break and she is going on Good Day LA this month. Those little successes make me say YES because now that she is in the door she can build from that opportunity.

Another one of my clients was just really great and he deserved to really be on the map as a working host. Now he is a lead host on Entertainment Tonight Live. Another client of mine is a host on Buzzfeed. When they get to that level I'm like a proud mama bear.

It really reinforced the idea that the work we are doing together and what I instilled in them is truly valuable and beneficial. I have had a lot of incredible mentors and coaches on my journey and I don't know if I would have had the success I've had without them.

One of my mentors, Carolyne Barry, I lost to cancer about three years ago. So I feel this need to pay it forward. I have had successes and I want truncate that time for others. If they can get to their goals and not have so many laborious years of struggling I consider that a win.

How do I apply all these rules, this formula, and all these things I know and take it to the world and really make some actual progress. That is my goal.

Shannon O’Dowd is an on-camera host, commercial spokesperson, & media training/on-camera instructor. Shannon has been working on both sides of the camera for well over a decade.

I eat, sleep, and breath on-camera training and coaching. I Literally wrote the book on how to prepare and embellish your on-camera performance. Finding talent managers and eventually agents means focusing on building out your resume, headshots, and sizzle reel. Having on-camera training can get you ready for the audition. I go above and beyond for my clients and teach up and coming professionals and established talent all over the Los Angeles area. Reach out! I want to continue to build a thriving community of entertainers.

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