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TV Hosting Tips: What Should be In A TV Hosting Reel?

I have spoken to a bunch of agents and managers in Los Angeles about what they need to see in a hosting reel to consider a client for a TV host position. So, here are the major components of a hosting reel that they want to see when considering new talent:

1) Intro and an outro: These are stand ups, where you're standing and talking directly in the camera. An intro is something like “Hello and welcome to XXX” and an outro is “We had a great time today at XXX, see you next time.”

2) Tossing: Tossing to a package, some b-roll, graphics, or another host is an important part of hosting and really good to put into your reel.

3) Co-Hosting: You definitely need a co-hosting segment in your reel where you are talking and interacting with another host. A lot of what hosts do is interact so you need to show you play well with others!

4) Demonstration: You need to demonstrate something, whether it's how to cook something how to wear something, or how to use a product; you need to be able to show that you can do something with your hands and talk at the same time.

5) Interview: Even if you just do a man on the street, where you grab a camera person and you go out of the street and you talk to somebody and ask them a question (but always your back/upstage hand). You can definitely talk to somebody you just met, but you need to have an interview.

In general, your reel needs to be under two minutes and pllease put some fun music underneath it and please have it move and have a nice pace. Remember, t’s not a dramatic reel.

Shannon O'Dowd is a leading Southern California TV host and media training coach. Get in touch with her today and fast track your TV career!



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