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TV Hosting Tips: What Isn't a Good Headshot for Hosting?

Before you even think about how to become a talk show host, you need to have certain elements of your portfolio squared away before you will even be considered. First and foremost, a headshot is a must-have for your application. I'm sure you've seen headshots out there, some are super smiley, some are serious (if they’re theatrical).

Now, hosting is a little bit different than just a static smile commercial headshot. I think the difference between a hosting headshot and other types of headshots, is being a little bit more alive, or in the middle of a moment. Either you just heard something or you're about to say something.

So, it's like right in the middle between that, “I heard you!” and “I'm going to tell you XXX”. I think that's what really makes the difference and is definitely what I hear from hosting agents and managers, about what really makes a good hosting's really that middle of the moment space.

So, there's a good hosting headshot for you, take it and go get some great pictures. See my quick video below for how to give off the best "in the moment" impression, which is critical to being a successful tv host!

Shannon O'Dowd is a leading Southern California coach for on-camera talent and TV hosts. Book a session with her and fast track your career today!

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