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How to Mark Hosting Scripts

I’m actually taking a script that I'm going to be doing for a client next week and prepping it for me to perform. I'm going through and I'm marking it, which means I'm going through the scripts and I’m figuring out the things that I need to emphasize or say with a little bit more enthusiasm or even kind of just hit a little bit harder.

In the infomercial or direct response world, we call this a U.S.P, or a Unique Sales Proposition. But I really think it applies to a lot of scripts; when you're getting ready for hosting audition and media appearance, what might be the unique sales proposition or the things that are not available already in the marketplace that this script is trying to tackle? It can really make your performance pop because you're hitting all those things that the writer intended to hit and you're really showing the viewer what they need to remember from that particular segment. So, give it a try.


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