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Becoming a Host: How To Perform Infomercials Part 2

A great tv hosting tip to remember is that everything in infomercial is problem/solution. We set up the problem and then you tell why your product is the solution. So in the beginning of the copy, you establish that there’s a problem in the way that you say it.

For example, the line “For those occasions when you don’t want to deal with carrying a handbag or clutch, go with the Girly-Go-Garter”… the way you say “those occasions that you don’t want to carry a clutch” is the problem and “go with Girly Go Garter” becomes the solution.. All that you’re doing is creating the need in the viewer’s mind.

Also, when you list things in a script, you either have make them different colors or give them each a different flavor, or you have to have them build. Otherwise the viewer might just tune out.

There are a lot of list in infomercial copy, because you are talking about all the different things that the product can do to make your life easier, better, more affordable or more fun. So if you don’t make those lists build or make each thing different in the way you say it, we aren’t going to catch all those things.

Lastly, when you get infomercial copy, go through it and figure out what is unique about your product and hit that part most. What makes it different in its space against its competition? For example, if a product says it has "gentle flex grippers."That is something different. It's also something that not everybody is going to know what that is. So, you kind of have to give a little bit more weight, because that's what is going to make the difference.

This is definitely something that applies to not only infomercial copy, but also a lot of commercial spokesperson copy as well.

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