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Ready to Get Started with Appearances?

So, you're ready to get started and you want to make appearances on local news stations and talk shows and weigh in on stories of the day with your expertise. I recommend following the news that's currently happening and finding new interesting spins on the events that you can offer. You can select these on your own, but make sure you follow protocol like go to and figure out how to put it in a way so it looks like a proper submission they would get from a publicist or PR firm. Producers are used to seeing things in a certain way and it's really important that you pitch the stories in a way that they're used to seeing them. Having clips of you doing appearances as an expert is SUPER helpful. And some pics and a bio attached to the email is also a great idea. And definitely pitch the story you want to do in a way that producers will have a lot of work done for them if they book you. What’s the story hook? What talking points, statistics, graphics, sound bites, etc. can you contribute. Including all these can make all the difference!.

Another crucial tip is If you get called on to be an expert for a talk show or a news station and you're not quite right for the job or whatever the story is, be a resource and tell them “you know, I'm not exactly the person you need but I can find somebody from my community and I will recommend them and get them over to you”. It’s a really, really, good way to create a good relationship so you can be called on the next time.

Those are a few helpful tips to get you started with your journey as a media contributor and guest expert. For more information, check out my online course “Get on TV! Captivate Your Audience and Monetize Your Brand”:

This course is only available for $288 until the end of January. After that, it’s going away as I add/update it. The new price will be $1,000, so if you want the course at the lower price, get it now.

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