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My Online Course Ends in January

My online course: “Get on TV, How to Captivate Your Audience & Monetize Your Brand”, is only going to be available until January. It’s currently $288.00, which is a great deal! It has videos, twelve modules, teleprompter training, how to be good on TV, camera technique, and great interviews all included for $288.00.

However, I’m totally going to be revising the course, I’m going to be adding more one-on-one coachings, I’m going to be updating some of the videos AND adding content on how to handle nervousness, visualization and elocution exercises, physical warm-ups to do before your appearances, and more!

So, after January, it is getting yanked from the interwebs and I’m going to be repurposing the course, and adding those things. The new price will be $995.00 and that will launch in March of 2019. So, if you want to take advantage of the course at the current rate of $288.00 (which is such a great value), make sure that you do that before January. Here’s the link:

And if not, you can always buy the new course in March of next year!

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