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Becoming a TV Host: How to Pick the Right Teleprompter Font Size

First and foremost, in you're working on becoming a TV host, you have to be very detail-oriented. Like demanding control over font size for your teleprompter. And every prompter is different, so you can't just say “I want twelve point Times New Roman”. Every prompter is totally different! I also recommend to go as small as you feel comfortable with on teleprompter.

It’s crazy, but our brain has this amazing ability to grab concepts, but even beyond what we realize. So the more you have on the screen at the time, the more your brain can understand and can start to grasp the concept of what you are going to be saying, even before it hits you on a conscious level.

If you have the font too big, the words can break into the next line, and you may have too little words on the screen for you to really know what you are saying and what might be coming up next and capture the concept. It’s something the brain does and we don't even realize it.

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