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Becoming a Host: Performing Infomercial Copy

The thing that I think really trips people up in infomercials or direct response spots is the idea, “I got to sell, I got to sell, I got to sell”. That kind of puts you in a very cheesy, inauthentic space.

As a viewer, we feel put-upon and we don’t trust you. However, if you go into infomercial copy and you think during your performance, “I want to help you…I want to help your life to be better, easier, more affordable, or more fun and this product will do it”, then you can approach the copy in that way. It really makes the delivery more genuine. And it puts you in a better performance space.

Anytime you're doing any kind of product on camera, it really comes from the space of how can you make someone's life better and how can you help. Don’t think about selling, ever.

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