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TV Personality Jobs: Difference Between News Reporting & Entertainment Reporting

I have so many clients looking for TV personality jobs come to me and they say, “Hey, I want to be an entertainment reporter, I have a little bit of background in news, what's the difference?”

Well, if you're a newscaster you're reporting on the news and if you're an entertainment reporter then you're reporting on entertainment. This is the obvious difference, but in terms of performance style, if you're an entertainment reporter, there main difference between being a newscaster and what you’re doing is that not only are you “reporting” on entertainment, but you have to be a little bit more entertaining yourself!

For example, the first line is said like a title but also has a very “Extra, Extra! Read all about it!” to the delivery. Entertainment reporting is going to require a little bit more personality, we want to see how you FEEL about what you’re talking about... that’s a key difference.

When you’re reporting on entertainment, you’re also being entertaining! You’re showing a little bit of your personality and we need to be able see how you take how you tick and how excited you get about what you're reporting. And if you put some more personality into that reporter cadence, you're probably going to be in the right zone.

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