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Asking Informed Questions & Adding Anecdotes with Selling Products When Hosting a Show:

When you are hosting a show, and working on a product with another host or guest expert, you really need to ask informed questions. Things like: “so what does this button do?”, “how many pictures can this thing take?, and “is it easy to use?”… Those are the kinds of questions that get you into trouble because it makes you look uninformed and really leaves all the work to your co-host or guest expert. You want this it to feel fluid, like a conversation. Informed questions like “This camera can take over 200,000 photos, how did the company develop that kind of technology” gives so much more room for the whole thing to go.

And you have to have anecdotes. Something like, “I've got to tell you, I was with my family at the beach, we took so many awesome pictures… and while we were at the beach in real time we created borders and we put fun graphics at the bottom. Instantly! It’s incredible all the different things that we could do with the picture, which is just such an amazing feature!”

Not only am I learning about the product, I'm invested in you as a host, I care more and I'm getting an experience of you, so I feel a little bit let into your life. The formula for selling product is spec/story, spec/stories, spec/story. If you can grab each spec and wrap it into a story, not only does that stretch time, it makes people care more.

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