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Tips for a TV Host Audition

So, you have a hosting audition coming up and you're looking for a few things that you can do to stand out from the competition. Here’s what you do!

You want to start strong, you want to end strong, you want to say your name strong and the name of the show, or if there's any people or products associated. What do I mean by “strong." It means that if you are holding a script, using notecards, or reading off cue cards or a board, than those are the areas that should be memorized and delivered directly in the camera. The rest of the time you have the freedom to look at the script if necessary.

Another helpful hint, if the script is written in Bulgaria, take a moment when you first start and take in your environment. If you do that and create the space for us we'll be transported in our mind and we’ll start to see Bulgaria around you too.

One last note, if you're supposed to stick to the script, which means you have to say exactly what is written, you always have the permission to throw in a word or sound to ground you to the copy; an occasional “so, yeah, now, woot, mmm." I call these “utterse and mutters”. It doesn't change the copy at all, but it grounds you organically in the moment and will make you stand out from your competition. So, those are a few things you can do right now if you have a hosting audition coming up.

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