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Ready to Get Started? Get On TV Networks As An Expert!

So you’re ready to get started and you want to make appearances on local news stations and talk shows speaking on stories of the day with your expertise. I recommend following the news that is currently happening and finding new interesting spins on the event that you can offer. You can pitch these on your own, but make sure you follow protocol. Like go to and figure out how to write the story pitch so it looks like a proper press release.

Journalists are used to seeing things in a certain way and it’s really important that you pitch the stories in a way that they are used to seeing them.

Also, If you get called on to be an expert for a talk show or news station and you’re not quite right for the job or whatever the story is, be a resource! Tell them you might not exactly be the person they need but you can find somebody from you community to recommend. Also it’s a really, really good way to create a good relationship to be called on the next time.

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