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The Bronze "Digital" Coaching Package includes 12 modules online course of video coaching on how to start YOUR on-camera career, plus a 4 module bonus course!

You will get:

  • Unique Advantage in Your Business by Creating a Dynamic Brand Identity

  • Hook your audience with messaging, talking points, & sound bites that are in alignment with your brand identity

  • Effortlessly get on-camera opportunities with proven strategies

  • Utilize the tools to feel powerful, confident, and dynamic on-camera

This package includes:

  • The Complete On-Camera System 

  • All the trainings are available NOW

  • 100% Online

  • 2 Training Videos

  • Interviews with top industry pros 

  • 30 min free coaching session with Shannon!

  • 5-Step Guid on How to Start Booking On-Camera Appearances in 30 Days 

This package can be paid by credit card. It also includes discounted follow-up sessions, which can be booked and paid for as needed.

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