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Feelworld 7-inch Monitor Review

I just bought this Feelworld 7-inch HD monitor. It’s a monitor that I can take with me when I go to work with my clients remotely. It allows me to see what they're doing on camera instead of having to look at that little monitor that is on the back of the camera. And just be honest, I can see it as well as I used to be able to!

The Feelworld seven-inch HD monitor is less than a $150. I got it on Amazon, it had great reviews and I’m really happy with it. You can find it here.

So, if you need something like this, I recommend it. The monitor is very nice. It has excellent resolution and is great product for the price. The arm it came with is also pretty sturdy and good!

In upcoming blogs, I'm also going to tell you about the rest of equipment I have that might help you. I have a teleprompter, Canon 60D camera, and I’ve got a monitor for playback at my home studio. So, if you need help buying that kind of stuff because you want to set up things in your place, I’m going to give you other information.

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