Build authentic connections that lead to results: promotions, increased revenue, and moving a potential client from merely being interested in your product and service, to being sure they want to work with YOU.


Our ability to communicate dictates our success in our careers.  We all want to be more natural authentic communicators…and we realize when we are not good in this area, it stops us from getting the results we want at work.  Whether it’s a sales conversation, pitch to your company, a proposal, or even simply an interview… if we are not getting the results we want, we we think it’s because we don’t possess the qualities to be a dynamic communicator. BUT…



What I’ve learned from media training hundreds of my clients for big stakes, on-camera appearances and my years of working as a host and spokesperson, is that the skills to be natural and confident in front of others is not something that you necessarily have to be born with (or naturally possess), but it IS actually something you can learn.




I lead workshops that  will show you how to:

  1. Physically prepare yourself to be present, available, and relaxed

  2. Craft and create your content in a way that you can be more impactful and connected to the people you trying to reach 

  3. Simulate what you want to achieve in your presentations, interviews, pitches, and sales conversations so you are set up for success physically and mentally... and feel confident going into those situations (because when you are confident, you are more available!) 



When you dive into these three areas of effective communication, you can actually see the changes in communication in real time…and these shifts go far beyond that great feeling of knowing you made an impact. These authentic connections LEAD TO RESULTS: promotions, powerful presentations, conversions, a more effective team, and increased revenue!


The secret is about being able to connect with people, to really share what you are doing and how you can help them. To have being REAL and YOU be what you are more committed to... instead of in your head trying to do it right.  I can’t wait to show you how!  Because I know that being an effective communicator is possible for everyone. And when we do achieve this for ourselves, we unlock the connections that will help us deliver our biggest results. 

“Shannon facilitated a training initiative for one of our largest corporate clients. She brought her expertise in performance, staging, working with multimedia, and teleprompter to create a thorough yet approachable program for 12 presenters with varying levels of experience. From her assistance with planning, to the on-site training, and her incredibly responsive follow up, she created a successful experience for all involved. Shannon is professional, accessible, and is a whiz at elevating performances—our client was thrilled with her and we can't wait to tap her for another project.”


-Nasya Kamrat, FacultyNY

“Shannon worked with me, the director, and our on-air talent to help take our videos to the next level. She gave us tips and ideas for every step of the way, from preparing the scripts that get the best results to exercises we could do while filming to keep energy levels high. The direction she gave was easy to apply moving forward, way beyond our sessions with Shannon.” 


- Merritt Watts, William Sonoma

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