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Teleprompter App Recommendations

I want to tell you a little bit about how you can start to make it work for you. I use a program called iCue and you can get that on your apps on your iPad. Then you get the iCue remote for your iphone. All in your at less than $5 for both. Then all you have to do is copy your script from an email, Word, Pages, etc. and then paste it into the program. Then you turn on the mirroring feature. And there you go, you have a working teleprompter system.

You can start it from the iPad and have it go on a manual mode, but if you've ever trained me you know that is a big no, no! What you can do is then download iCue remote onto your phone, and then you can use your phone as a remote. So, you can chagne the speed from your phone so that you're actually following the pacing of the performer and not the pacing of the program. That's unique because not all teleprompter apps work that way. And they SHOULD work that way because that’s how it’s going to be on set. You will have a prompter operator following you…your cadence and your speed. You slow down, it should slow down. You stop, it’s should stop. If you go Speedy Gonzalez, it doesn’t matter. The program should follow you!

This is the Teleprompter set-up with iPad. I got it on Ebay. It’s pretty good!

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