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My Book: The Ultimate On-Camera Guide

Television Veteran, Jacquie Jordan and On-Air Talent & Coach, Shannon O'Dowd (me), parlay their longtime media training careers into The Ultimate On-Camera Guidebook: Hosts*Experts*Influencers.

We are memorializing the A-Z of what it takes to be on camera in every position for successful appearances. With fun anecdotal stories, we break down the elements of on-camera performances including auditions, branding, content, direction, editorial, focus, glamour, headshots, hosting, influencers, jargon, kinetics, language, memorization, nuances, on-air, performance, questions, rehearsals, social media, talking points, under-performing, vernacular, w, x, y, and z!!!

This Guidebook takes the talent from pre-production and behind the scenes, to the business elements that create opportunity and success to the new frontier of the digital age, the Selfie and the story it tells the audience.

Video content is so prevalent these days, and my book has a ton of great tips and tricks on the topic. It was difficult for me to sit down and siphon through all the years of coaching people into content that is structured.

This book is really to help people perform video content when they are acting like themselves. Acting is a totally different thing, and there are plenty of acting books out there. So there wasn't a really great resource out there for hosts, experts, and influencers. I'm really excited to put this information out there.

Here's the link to purchase the book!

Here's what you will learn:


Chapter 1: The Changing Climate of Hosting

Chapter 2: Hosting Styles

Chapter 3: The Business of Hosting

Chapter 4: On-Camera Technique

Chapter 5: The Audition Room.


Chapter 6: The Value of Being a Media Expert

Chapter 7: Interview Styles

Chapter 8: Anatomy of a Segment

Chapter 9: Experts in Demand

Chapter 10: Don’t Blame the Host

Chapter 11: The Green Room.


Chapter 12: The Value of Being an Influencer

Chapter 13: The Nano, Micro, Macro Influencer

Chapter 14: From Expertise to Niche

Chapter 15: The Winning Formula

Thanks to my publishing house you can check them out using the link below.

Thanks everyone who has been apart of this journey and to all the people who I've coached and who have coached me!

P.S. Leave your thoughts on my book in the comments I would love to hear from you.


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