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Media Training 101 - Get Your Materials Together

Before you start your journey as an on camera personality, think about Website and Social Media and make sure people can follow you and start to become your fan!



Make sure your social media is set up for your brand, which will be separate from your personal pages.


Make sure your website is done with a CTA (Call to Action) when they land on your page, such as pop up window asking for their email address. This lets you know who is visiting your sites and you can easily add them into your Email Management so that you can keep them updated on your appearances, as well as offer them NEW products and services as they become available.

HEADSHOTS: Make sure you have professional headshots on your site and on your social media pages. This shows how you represent in a professional way and also what you do and your brands.

Some suggestions:

• Lawyer – Suit Shot.

• Doctor - Lab Coat.

• DIY expert, it's Casual Look - maybe do a few with/without a toolbox.

These are just a few examples of shots that are professional and appropriate!

If you are looking for a Headshot Photographer, I highly recommend Courtney Lindberg.


Put together a simple tape of you in various situations talking about your expertise and brand; even if they’re self-produced and not for professional bookings when you're first starting out. Media outlets just want to get an idea of how you are on camera. Eventually you will swap these out for actual network and news appearances!


Do regular live streaming and also have a YouTube channel for your brand.

This is where you're putting out regular content. Do these maybe one to two times a week. You are building a following.


Put together an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) include your bio, pics, career highlights, etc. Best if it is in a PDF format and can be a one page or even two to three pages. You could use Canva to make your EPK.

Once you have all this together, you're ready to get your publicist or PR team and start getting out there!

But in the interim, while you're looking for your team, reach out to the public broadcast stations and smaller market news stations and offer to be added to their roster of experts. Maybe you could be called upon to chime in with news stories that come up that relate to your expertise and brand!

These are some great tools to get you started with your new amazing career as a TV personality!


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