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How to Portray the Writer’s Intention in a Script

How to Portray the Writer’s Intention in a Script

When you are delivering a script direct to camera you will want to nail the perfect presentation each and every time. When you work with a teleprompter or even ear prompters , sometimes feelings and emotions can get lost. Being a on-camera coach .. I am here to tell you how to Portray the Writer’s Intent each and every time!

First off, try and read the script with passion and emotion. Let’s say for example, your script is about a Winking Cross Over Bag .. well you would want to start by introducing the bag .. say something like, “Are you looking for a bag that’s a true eye catcher? “Meet Winkie”.

Make it feel exciting, like this product is so ridiculous! It actually winks at you when you walk by! Imagine your chatting with friends and trying to convince them it the best bag .. you may try and get them to understand how crazy this bag is .. it is ridiculous, it winks at you!

You want to match what the product would need. Also, match the kind of person that would want to buy it.

How do you achieve those result’s ..

First off if you have time and can do it .. work with an On-Camera Coach as we can help you with On-Camera Coaching with Teleprompters or even ear prompters .. check out some of my YouTube videos.

Few tips …

Practice .. Practice .. Practice! With an online coach!

Give it all your Passion & Energy!


Enjoy it!


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