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How to Look More Natural on Camera

When we talk to people in real life we don't just stare at them. We look around, we gather our thoughts. If somebody was to talk to you and just STARE at you as they were telling you a whole story, you would start to get really uncomfortable. But for some reason we think when we're doing content in the camera, we should just stare at the camera.

So, I’m going to give you a couple of tricks: First and foremost, use your environment. If you're in your bedroom, if you're on an amazing island, or at some really cool restaurant that you want to share with people; use your environment so they kind of feel welcomed in...That's a great trick! Also, don't be afraid to glance around and gather your thoughts, it's very natural.

And another great trick, when you want to look down the barrel of the lens into camera is to do some slight head motions and an occasional eye pop for emphasis. This is just to kind of mix things up. It makes everything look so much more natural. These are a couple of good little tricks!


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