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How Important Is Online Content and Social Media

The way we approach performance, influencing, hosting, being on-camera, or making content is ever evolving. With social media and all kinds of online platforms—it's kind the wild wild west, and everyone is still figuring out where they belong in and on the internet.

I feel like a lot of people are hesitant to speak or give advice in this space because by the time this blog is put out—things might have already changed.

What I can say is that in 2016/2017, everything was based on followers. You had to have 250k followers or more otherwise you weren't even in the game.

Networks and studios were plucking these youtube and Instagram stars to give them their own shows with the hopes of making them stars across multiple platforms and paywalls.

Well, let's just they got burned. Their plan didn't entirely work out. Just because someone does well on youtube doesn't mean they will do well on a scripted show, or on a network. It just didn't always work.

I think this was a really good thing because it helped all these micro influencers—people who had more than 10k but less than 250k followers or subscribers—back on the board.

I think people are also really looking at engagement now...not just how many followers they have but how they engage with them. They are seeing people who are focus group tested and approved in their specific area and asking what are some of the other areas we can look at and what's possible for these people? As opposed to just assuming an Instagram or Youtube star could be a star anywhere.

In this day and age, it's imperative to create content. It's also smart to do content and test out your art, brand, and voice to see what people respond to most. To not do content seems really silly to me...when it's a totally free way to reach millions of people.

And it's not only recommended to be in this almost HAVE to create content for your business these days. However, you don't have to have an outrageous amount of followers to be successful (a nano influencer has between 1-10k and can still get brand alignment deals). Finding your audience can help you move towards your personal goals as well as business goals.

Shannon O’Dowd is an on-camera host, commercial spokesperson, & media training/on-camera instructor. Shannon has been working on both sides of the camera for well over a decade.

I eat, sleep, and breath on-camera training and coaching. I Literally wrote the book on how to prepare and embellish your on-camera performance. Finding talent managers and eventually agents means focusing on building out your resume, headshots, and sizzle reel. Having on-camera training can get you ready for the audition. I go above and beyond for my clients and teach up and coming professionals and established talent all over the Los Angeles area. Reach out! I want to continue to build a thriving community of entertainers.


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