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How to Do Video Content In Online Courses

Online courses are blowing up everywhere and there are lots of platforms out there to choose from when you are putting together a course. And a lot of these online course platforms either require or encourage a lot of video content. Say you’re an accountant wanting to do an online class on accounting. Although you know accounting really well, the online video portion of that might be pretty overwhelming, right? Well I really offer a lot of technique in this area… from how to position yourself on camera if you have some sort of PowerPoint or board that you're referencing during your lectures and making sure you don't “upstage yourself” when you're dealing or interacting with the media or a board.

Also, I teach how to speak in sound bite and how to have a really strong messaging about your course, so that anybody taking it knows what they can count on you for and what they can hope to achieve through signing up for your particular online course.

If you need help with any of that, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have below or you can always contact me if you want to talk about one on one coaching.

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