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Making the Script Your Own!

What Does Casting Mean by 'Make It Your Own? The magical phrase that you hear, “make it your own,” means that you have permission to add a little bit here and don’t have to strictly stick to copy. You are allowed to give it your own flare and interject a feeling and/or opinion here or there.

If you don't have that permission to make it your own, doing utters and mutters (adding a word or sound) is something you could always do, and it doesn't change the script.

If the line is, “high heels, tight dresses, stilettoes” and you add a “woooh!” to the end of it before the next line “alright, we got a lot of work to do”, then you didn’t technically change the script but you kind of personalized it a little bit more. And casting or producers would probably barely notice, but they would remember you and that you gave it your own flare. They would remember the personality your brought to it. Those utters and mutters, they make a huge difference. So even if you can’t banter (aka ad-lib) you can always do that!

The whole goal is to have you be YOU while saying the lines. That is Hosting 101 through Graduation. Be YOU saying whatever lines are that are given to you.

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